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60% of Black Americans exposed to gun violence, Rutgers study reveals

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A groundbreaking study by Rutgers University has uncovered a startling statistic: 60% of Black Americans across the United States have been exposed to some form of gun violence.

This comprehensive research highlights the pervasive nature of gun-related incidents within Black communities.

The study, which surveyed over 3,000 Black Americans nationwide, categorized gun violence exposure into several forms.

These included direct threats, being shot at, knowing a family member or friend who had been shot, or hearing about a shooting in their community. Alarmingly, the findings revealed that at least 40% of respondents personally knew a shooting victim.

Dr. Sarah Jones, the lead researcher, emphasized the profound impact of these experiences on individuals and communities.

“Our research underscores the urgent need for comprehensive policies and community interventions to address the root causes of gun violence and provide support for those affected,” she stated.

The study’s findings add to the growing body of evidence highlighting the disproportionate impact of gun violence on Black Americans, calling for immediate action to mitigate this public health crisis.

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