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New Yorker sets to mass-produce handwash compliance system for food-handlers

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Sheikh Musa Drammeh, an Afro-American Bronxite, has officially disclosed his readiness to make mass production of Taharah System (TS), a digital handwash compliance system for food handlers in New York, an invention he made in 2014.

This was disclosed to Parkchester correspondents during an exclusive interview conducted earlier this morning.

“We’re fully prepared to mass produce Taharah System, otherwise known as TS for restaurants, bakeries and food prep facilities in New York City. It’s high time we safeguarded the lives of New Yorkers caused by lackadaisical attitude of some of our food handlers, who overlook issues related to their personal hygiene, especially at workplace” said Mr. Drammeh.

According to Drammeh, CDC in 2013 disclosed that over 9 million foodborne illnesses were estimated to be caused by major pathogens acquired in the United States.

“Obviously, all the instances of foodborne illnesses are caused by food mishandling and unhygienic nature of most of our food handlers.

Of course the New York State Department of Health has long time mandated hand washing for food handlers but it’s not adhered to. But now I strongly believe that with Taharah System, food handlers will be forced to comply with the regulation,” he added.

Sheikh Musa Drammeh therefore called on the New York State Department of Health and other stakeholders like CDC, regulatory agencies, industry, consumer groups, and others to support mandatory use of Taharah system in restaurants, bakeries and other food prep facilities in the states.

“There is no best time to mandate Taharah system oher than this time of Covid-19 pandemic. New York State Department of Health should save the lives of citizens by making it mandatory for all our food handers to use Taharah System.

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 48 million people get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die from foodborne diseases each year in the United States, despite its advances in food safety across the country. With Taharah Systems, this annual catastrophe can be drastically alleviated. TS is a hand washing enforcement system concept Version 3.0, that will innovate the food market and elevate hygiene and reduce the spread of disease, especially by food handlers.

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