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Ocasio-Cortez ain’t Democrat, bullies journalists — Michelle Caruso-Cabrera

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New York Congressional candidate, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, has condemned the behavior of the representative of New York's 14th congressional district, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for  demanding that reporters leave the room before she took the stage at debate organized by Parkchester Times. 

Caruso-Cabrera, who expressed her displeasure over the behavior on her Facebook page on Wednesday June 17, 2020, said that such behavior was temperamentally unsuited for a democrat. 

She said, "At tonight's Parkchester Times debate, in behavior more appropriate for a temperamental princess than an elected Member of Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demanded that reporters and audience members leave the room before she took the stage.

"She left the residents of the 14th District with a malfunctioning Facebook feed that could scarcely be heard." 

Caruso-Cabrera noted that AOC, who is clearly in favor of censorship, is not a Democrat, "not even a Democratic Socialist". 

"She is a Socialist. This conduct would make the Politburo blush. She threw out residents of the 14th Congressional District who wanted to attend this debate. 

"She threw out reporters who have put themselves and their families at risk day and night these past two months covering breaking stories related to COVID and social justice. 

"Like a petulant child, AOC refused to take the stage until all of these individuals were removed from the room. What kind of representative does that?," Caruso-Cabrera fumed. 

While saying that AOC was acting like a spoiled, out-of-touch Hollywood celebrity, Cabrera faulted her inability to defend her record, stressing that she was already  frightened that she might lose next week’s Democratic primary. 

"AOC refused to participate in this debate until journalists shamed her into doing it…and boy, did she get her revenge on all of them tonight by having them tossed out of the debate hall.

"I called on AOC to say whether or not she would vote for Joe Biden in Tuesday’s primary. AOC refused to answer the question. AOC could not commit to supporting our standard bearer in the Democratic Party. She refuses to work with Speaker Pelosi," she stated. 

"She denigrates the work of her fellow Democrats and says she cares more than they do. She sure cares more than them about one thing, and that’s herself. She is a joke of a representative, and that’s why I am going to defeat her on Tuesday. It's time to deliver real results for the Bronx and Queens," she concluded.

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