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Dear compatriots,

We must at some point stop and meditate on the reality of our existence. It’s ignorance of oneself and others that is the problem. Racism, prejudice, hatred and labeling of groups of people in general terms are all products of ignorance worldwide. In the United States, it’s true most skinnedheads who embraced white power can’t name our fifty states or the basic facts of this nation. They can’t tell the difference between a Muslim and Sikh or Arab and a Jew.

We have ignorance problems worldwide. In New York public schools, not only real African history is not being taught, far too many principals and teachers have no clue about Africa. I know this very well. Congressman King of Ohio once questioned what contributions did non Europeans ever make? These ignorant public servants are our legislators, teachers and curricula designers. It’s true most Americans would fail the lousy citizenship test today. Again It’s ignorance not mere racism. And we must not be too ignorant to label every act of ignorance a racist act. We can’t address racism, prejudice, anti-Semitism, xenophobia and misogyny unless we address the underlying cause of ignorance. We are a nation of ignorant not racists.

From our public safety activism, we were able to construct ‘National Community Peacebuilding Commission’, a nationwide solution to hate related violence and racism. Those who commit crimes in the name of race, religion, ethnicity, national identity, ideology, etc. have complete ignorance of their targeted victims. With intimate and sustained interactions, all divisive walls and labels crumbled. We must prudently invest in the implementations of this ‘National Community Peacebuilding Commission’ to help perfect our union. Blacks aren’t responsible for fighting racism. Jews aren’t responsible for fighting anti-Semitism. Women aren’t responsible for fighting misogyny. The disabled aren’t responsible for fighting adequate services. Whites aren’t responsible for fighting generalization of racism. We all are equally responsible for fighting ignorance. This is why we all need to be part of ‘National Community Peacebuilding Commission’.

With all its ignorant attributes, this nation is the greatest human experiment, and preserving and nurturing its noble ideals is worth the last drop of our blood. Americans are great and caring people. Overwhelming majority of Americans are deeply concerned about the wellness of their compatriots. They are generous and neighborly. This why we must immediately stop labeling ignorant crimes racist crimes. Some of you have a hard time seeing the truth and wisdom behind my point because you have been programmed in racist narrative far too long. Ignorance is global.

New York City Councilman Fernando Cabrera got this right and is the first elected official in the nation willing to implement this human relation building tool. We have no doubt about the immediate impact this would have in the Bronx. Since the tragedy of 9/11, we have constantly advocated grassroots public safety prevention to all elected officials. Today, not only do they embrace it but they are funding it. It works.

Sheikh Musa Drammeh

Adopt-A-Friend, Inc.


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