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Brooklyn Borough President declares May 28 Makkah Declaration Day, honors 2020 Merciful Ambassadors

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Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams, has proclaimed May 28 as the Makkah Declaration celebration day in Brooklyn.

The proclamation was made in a statement signed on Friday May 28, 2021.

According to the statement, Brooklyn is the fastest growing Muslim community in New York and the site of oldest mosque New York State. 

While making the proclamation, the Borough president stated that "Muslim residents have greatly enhanced and encircled the tapestry of cultural and ethnic diversity for which the Brooklyn is known for".

Justifying his proclamation, he added that it is befitting to join in making the special events, celebrations and important occasions in the lives of Muslim residents.

"All the Brooklynites join the Muslim Media Cooperation, family and friends, supporters and distinguished guests to acknowledge and recognize The Makkah Declaration endorsement by religious leaders representing 27 doctrines and acts of Islam and reflected in the reforms in Saudi Arabia that include the expansion of women's rights," Adams said.

He continued, "On behalf of the Brooklynites, I salute The Makkah Declaration, also known as the Chapter of Makkah, a document that was endorsed on May 28,  2019 in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

"I acknowledge its creation was largely conceived and realized by the Muslim World League and was presented by the Saudi King, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud." 

Adams explained that it was written to create a pan-Islamic set of principles that supported anti-extremism, religious, and cultural diversity theory legislation against hate and violence. 

"I commend the document was declared at the four-day conference organized by the Muslim World League in Makkah and approved by Islamic leaders of about 139 countries and signed by approximately 1,200 prominent Muslim individuals." 

The borough president acknowledged that outside of the Islamic world, The Makkah Declaration has been received and praised by the Western Commentators. 

He stressed that it had been likened to Martin Luther and the 95 'theses'. 

"I commend that on May 28, 2018, the Chapter of Makkah was endorsed unanimously by an unprecedented group of world's leading Muslim scholars who gathered in the Holy City for the promotion of moderate Islam. 

"I applaud the Makkah of Declaration for making a positive impact on lives of others; and I think everyone involved in the MD for all that they done to help our communities and beyond and move forward as one. 

"Therefore, I Eric Adams, president of the Borough of Brooklyn, do hereby proclaim Friday May 28, 2021 as Makkah Declaration celebration day in Brooklyn in USA," he concluded.

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