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NYPD removes 2,000 bees from New York City restaurant


A restaurant in New York City was abuzz over the weekend – and not just because of its human guests.

The New York Police Department’s bee unit (NYPD beekeepers) were called to a restaurant in Times Square on Sunday, where roughly 2,000 bees had settled near the seating area, according to a tweet from NYPD News.

“NYPD Bees was called in to safely remove 2,000 bees from a restaurant seating area near the crossroads of the world,” NYPD News wrote on Twitter.

“The [bees] will now be relocated to an area where their pollenating [sic] skills will be put to good use,” NYPD News added.

It is unclear where exactly the bees have been relocated.

The NYPD beekeepers have been busy in recent weeks.

They were called to a building near the World Trade Center earlier this month, where 8,000 bees had swarmed.

Those bees were also safely removed and relocated to an undisclosed apple orchard, Fox News Digital previously reported.

In May, NYPD beekeepers also relocated about 15,000 bees from a tree in Queens.

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