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NYC resident living with HIV passionately committed to aiding well-being of others

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Determined New York City man living with HIV has expressed his commitment to aid others in their journey to survival.

Jeffrey Feliz, a resident of New York City, has shared his unwavering resolve to save the lives of fellow individuals after being diagnosed with HIV.

In his inspiring account, Feliz credits a health care nonprofit and Montefiore Hospital for not only saving his own life but also instilling in him a deep desire to make a difference.

According to Bronx News12, originally hailing from a Dominican family in Connecticut, Feliz moved to New York City two decades ago to pursue a career in fashion, despite facing adversity when his parents expelled him due to his sexual orientation.

Approximately a year following his diagnosis, Feliz received support from Amina Care, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting individuals living with HIV.

This compassionate group not only provided Feliz with essential medical coverage to afford life-saving treatment but also helped him rediscover his passion for painting and gardening, emphasizing the importance of embracing life beyond the diagnosis.

“Thanks to the diligent efforts of Amina Care and the dedicated professionals at Montefiore Hospital, Feliz said, stating that his HIV is now undetectable.

This signifies that he cannot transmit the virus sexually and can anticipate a healthy and prolonged life.

Feliz serves as a peer educator at the Montefiore AIDS Center, where he assists fellow New Yorkers in navigating their diagnosis, ranging from medication guidance to mental health support.

Reflecting on the progress made since the 1980s and 1990s, which witnessed the virus claim the lives of countless Americans due to stigmatization and a slow government response, Feliz acknowledges the significant strides achieved.

Nevertheless, he emphasized the ongoing necessity of raising awareness, as HIV can impact anyone, irrespective of their race or sexual orientation.

Feliz envisions a future in which HIV tests are readily available over the counter, similar to pregnancy tests, empowering individuals to take control of their sexual health.

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