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New York: Eric Adams honors Boston Marathon bombing anniversary

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In a heartfelt tribute to mark the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, Mayor Eric Adams of New York City expressed solidarity with the people of Boston, acknowledging the profound impact of the tragic event that unfolded over a decade ago.

Mayor Adams, reflecting on the somber occasion, highlighted the resilience exhibited by the citizens of Boston in the face of terror.

He recalled the devastating loss of three innocent lives and the countless injuries inflicted during the attack, underscoring the enduring strength and unity demonstrated by the community in the aftermath.

“11 years ago today, our brothers and sisters in Boston suffered an act of terror that shook our country, robbed us of three innocent lives, and injured countless more. But they stood strong in the face of fear,” Mayor Adams remarked.

The mayor’s poignant message conveyed a sense of shared grief and support, emphasizing the importance of remembrance and solidarity across cities and communities.

He emphasized the significance of collective mourning and unity during such solemn anniversaries, recognizing the enduring impact of acts of violence on individuals and societies alike.

Mayor Adams called upon New Yorkers to join him in mourning, praying, and standing in solidarity with the people of Boston, honoring the memory of those lost and acknowledging the resilience of those who survived.

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