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Mayor Adams launches project home to expedite housing for domestic violence survivors in NYC

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams has unveiled “Project Home,” a groundbreaking pilot program aimed at swiftly connecting families fleeing domestic violence with permanent housing.

This initiative, part of the broader “Women Forward NYC” agenda, seeks to position the city as a national leader in gender equity.

Mayor Adams, alongside DSS Commissioner Molly Wasow Park, introduced “Project Home” to address the critical need for efficient housing solutions for domestic violence survivors and their children residing in city shelters.

The pilot program will initially assist 100 families in finding secure, long-term homes, marking a significant step in advancing Mayor Adams’ commitment to gender equity and safety for all New Yorkers.

Key Features of “Project Home”

The program offers intensive housing search support tailored to the unique challenges faced by domestic violence survivors.

New Destiny Housing, renowned for its work with domestic violence survivors, will collaborate on the initiative to expedite housing placement.

The program is funded by a $300,000 grant from the NYC Fund to End Youth & Family Homelessness, highlighting a significant investment in addressing housing insecurity.

Mayor Adams also announced broader eligibility for supportive and affordable housing, eradicating previous bureaucratic barriers that limited access for domestic violence survivors. This expansion will significantly increase permanent housing options for vulnerable populations, enabling them to exit shelter situations more rapidly.

To ensure sustained stability, “Project Home” includes aftercare coordination to assist families post-placement. This support encompasses financial coaching, access to community resources, and counseling, empowering survivors to rebuild their lives securely.

The pilot’s success will be rigorously evaluated by DSS to assess its impact on reducing shelter stays and enhancing housing outcomes. Upon completion, the initiative may pave the way for broader implementation and continued support for survivors.

“Project Home” aligns with the ambitious goals of “Women Forward NYC,” a comprehensive plan addressing gender disparities and advocating for holistic services. This multi-million dollar investment underscores Mayor Adams’ commitment to fostering a more equitable and supportive environment for all New Yorkers.

Mayor Adams emphasized, “Everyone deserves to be safe in their relationships and live a life free of domestic and gender-based violence. ‘Project Home’ provides hope and tangible support to survivors, reflecting our dedication to a safer city.”

The initiative has garnered support from advocates and lawmakers, such as Assemblymember Jenifer Rajkumar, who lauded the program’s potential to empower survivors and expedite their transition out of shelters.

“Project Home” represents a pivotal step in addressing the intersection of domestic violence and housing insecurity, embodying Mayor Adams’ vision of a city that prioritizes safety, equity, and resilience for all its residents.

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