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New York celebrates Puerto Rican heritage, Mayor Adams honors Boricua contributions

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In a vibrant celebration of Puerto Rican culture and heritage, New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Commissioner Lorraine Cortés-Vázquez of the Department for the Aging welcomed the community to City Hall.

The event highlighted the invaluable contributions of Puerto Ricans to the city and the ongoing efforts to foster representation within the Adams administration.

Commissioner Cortés-Vázquez opened the ceremony, emphasizing the resilience and unity of the Puerto Rican community. “Do you think a little rain would stop Boricuas? Welcome to the People’s House.

As the mayor always says, mi casa es su casa,” she declared. She proudly introduced key members of the Adams administration who are of Puerto Rican descent, including Sheriff Anthony Miranda, Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Louis Molina, and Deputy Commissioner for CAU Valerie Vazquez.

Mayor Adams took the stage with enthusiasm, expressing his admiration for the Puerto Rican community’s influence on New York City.

“This weekend on Fifth Avenue, we are going to show folks how we do it in the San Juan of America, New York City,” he proclaimed.

He noted that New York hosts the largest Puerto Rican population outside of Puerto Rico, a testament to the community’s rich history and vibrant culture.

Mayor Adams highlighted the achievements of prominent Puerto Ricans in his administration, such as Anthony Miranda leading the Sheriff’s Department and Eddie Caban as the first Spanish-speaking police commissioner of New York City. He urged the audience to reflect on the contributions of historical figures like the Young Lords, journalist Pablo Guzmán, and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

The evening also featured honors for notable Puerto Rican artists. First Deputy Commissioner Valerie Vazquez from the Community Affairs Unit introduced the honorees, including salsa legend Tito Nieves, Latin hip hop diva Lisa Lisa, composer and producer Ángel Cucco Peña, singer Michael Stuart, and Grammy-nominated DJ Frankie Cutlass. Each has made significant contributions to music and culture, both in New York and globally.

Mayor Adams concluded the celebration with a call for joy and reflection. “Let’s have fun. Let’s enjoy ourselves. I look forward to marching this weekend and celebrating our Boricuas and what the Puerto Rican community means to all of us. Viva Puerto Rico,” he declared, inviting everyone to continue the festivities and honor the profound impact of the Puerto Rican community on New York City.

The event was a powerful reminder of the importance of cultural heritage and the role of community in shaping the city’s identity. With a blend of reflection and celebration, New York City proudly showcased the enduring spirit and contributions of its Puerto Rican residents.

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