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Trump in The Bronx? Not in the Bronx? What happened!

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By Anthony Rivieccio


On July 15, 2020, it was announced by NY Yankees president Randy Levine, that President Trump will be throwing out the first pitch at the " new" Yankee Stadium

So today's young activists , at that time, said: Let's protest Trump coming to the Bronx

And of course, politics took over as even Boro President Ruben Diaz was" mad" and wanted to protest this move by painting " Black Lives Matter" on 163rd St

Since then, it was announced that The Yankees will not be having Trump. Several reasons as to why " he's not coming" have appeared but I think it's correct to say that they heard " their Bronx neighbors" 

So then why haven't they heard it in the last 20 years? 

Another question that I can answer about Trump & the Bronx is simple? Trump is ALREADY in The Bronx, as an owner!.

Trump Golf Links at Ferrypoint, in The Bronx, was opened and signed a 20 year contact starting in 2013. There were many political parts of this deal including having the first five years of rent- for FREE. Even still, In 2018, the golf course was not even a profitable operation.

According to a CNBC report, The structure of the deal the city forged with the Trump Organization at Ferry Point does not require it to remit licensing fees to the city until 2019, at which point the company will pay 7 percent of gross revenue (or $300,000, the cost of a well-appointed summer rental in Southampton, whichever is higher). In its first year of operation, according to the city, revenue totaled $8 million, meaning that if fees had been collected, the city would have received $560,000 — $175,000 short of what, in its contract with the Trump Organization, it projected it could make during the first year. Leaving that aside, even if the city were bringing in one million or even two million dollars annually from the partnership, we would still be looking well into the second term of a Barron Trump — or Barron Trump Jr. — presidency before the city would be getting back much of the $127 million of taxpayer money it spent to create the course in the first place.

Many say that the  views are magnificent, but so is the price tag. The golf course cost $127 million in tax dollars and counting. So in essence it was a " gift" to Donald Trump. 

And the Boro President was there on Day 1 to celebrate the deal , saying at that time " we might disagree politically but we do agree that The Bronx are looking at big things ahead"

The New York Yankees in 2006 threatened The Bronx by saying they were going to another city as they could not afford to stay in The Bronx. 

New York City government granted the Yankees $942 million in tax-exempt bonds for the $1.3 billion stadium. Elected officials, at this time,  did not vote on the financing.

At the time, Assemblyman Ruben Diaz did not think it was worth the financing. His comment at the time was, " I’m not convinced of the greater public benefit. The Bronx has not gotten what it bargained for, with less than 10 percent of contracts going to Bronx companies. Job creation has fallen [below] expectations.”

In 2015, the Boro Presidents point of view has clearly changed. Ever hear of " The Borough Presidents cup". Yep, played every year at the NEW stadium. The Bronx Democratic party has held many events their since. 

Does it sound like a flip flop?. Of course it is! And many either don't realize or don't care that he flips as quick as a Donald Trump golf ball

The Water filtration plant Bronx deal was partly created by giving $200 million to parks. The agreement, with The Bronx Democratic party , agreed to cut the pie for all parks in the Bronx, not just in the affected Van Courtlandt Park area. At the time, Assemblyman Diaz voted " yes" for the deal. In recent years, he has said he made a mistake with this vote. In the meantime, Soundview park, where he lives, across the street , has been revolutionized. 

So I guess this leads me to other questions? Who are we really fighting? 

Are we having an " Anti Yankee" protest? Should we have an Anti Bronx Democratic Rally? 

And Yes, I've been a fan of The Yankees, since 1974. And a loyal Democratic member since the 1980s. 

The Yankees are not having Trump? Yes!

Ruben Diaz Jr is " retiring"? Yes! 

No more questions??? I can think of plenty! But I do not hear anything in the streets now! A shame! 





Anthony Rivieccio has been founder of The Northwest Bronx Democrats , a community & political organization since 2003. Their target areas are: Fordham, Kingsbridge , Kingsbridge Heights , Bedford Park,  Norwood , Allerton. The current President is Shiela Sanchez .

You can find our Facebook Group page by just going to Facebook search and tying in: "Northwest Bronx Democrats". We feature daily: NYC & Bronx community & political news, activities & events. Our close to 2000 members include several distinguished : activists, NYC agency staff directors,  elected and party officals-, including Councilpeople, State Assembly, State Senate & Congressional representatives, and numerous people of interest.

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