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Teddy Nissan and Volkswagen donates $10,000 check to Jade Nursery Schools

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Moses Kuwema 

Teddy Nissan and Volkswagen on 3660 and Boston Road in the Bronx has donated a $10,000 check to Jade Nursery Schools as their way of giving back to the community during the Christmas period.

The event which was held at the Teddy Nissan offices on Boston Road on Wednesday December 23, 2020, was attended by State Senator for New York's 36th District Jamaal Bailey.

In presenting the check to Jade Nursery Schools president, Dr Jonnie Goff, Teddy Nissan and Volkswagen president Julio Batista, said every Christmas period, his organization gives back to the community.

"We sat and thought it was a great idea to find an organization to give this check that will bring smiles to people's faces and joy to their homes," he said. 

"Teddy volkswagen and Teddy Nissan, we asked every single employee and they said it was an amazing idea, they wanted the money to be used for the community. So it is really something nice that everyone did to bring joy to the community," said Batista before presenting the check to Dr Goff. 

In receiving the check, Dr Goff thanked Teddy Nissan and Volkswagen and said the money will go towards feeding children and families in the community.

"There are so many things that we will be doing. To start with, we have a food bank at PS 112. We have about a 100 parents that will get coupons to go shopping in Supermarkets to put food in their houses. We have seniors that need warm coats and boots, we will be dressing them," she said. 

"We have families that are so much in need from different schools. The coordinators are all here today to receive their coupons to go shopping. We will ensure that all those Santa wishes will come true tomorrow for those children who came to a party on December 10. 

"We will make sure whoever is in need, we have 38,000 children, we have been given names and lists that will come out and receive these things today, tonight and tomorrow wake up and have a pair of boots. Believe me, the money will be spent in God's wishes and eyes.

"Anytime you want a car please come to Teddy Nissan and purchase, they may just give you something special," concluded Dr Goff.

State Senator Bailey said Teddy Nissan and Volkswagen has consistently shown its ability and willingness to do business with the community.

"It is one thing to do business in a community and it is a completely different thing to do business with the community. Julio thank you for all that you do. This is not the only thing that Teddy Nissan has done. Last year, they were involved in making sure that schools in our district were heavily invested in music and the arts," he said.

"In order to make sure that children are well rounded, we must be the creative and critical sight and Teddy Nissan is making sure that they're stepping up beyond what we are doing. Julio and Dr Goff thank you for what you do. You do this selflessly, not about you but its always for service. We know for sure that the money given is going to good use." 

Carlton Berkley, an aspiring Council member for New York City District 11 in the Bronx, said Dr Goff does so much for the community.

"Dr Goff has been doing so much not just for this community but she goes out to other communities, organizes and helps others as well. So on behalf of my District 11, I wanna thank Dr Goff. She is a great asset to the community as well as the city," said Berkley.

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